Alight Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Consumermedical

Alight Solutions, a leading provider of cloud-based human resource solutions, has announced its intention to acquire ConsumerMedical, a leading health care navigation provider. The acquisition will enable Alight to offer its customers improved health care guidance and support, while also expanding its already extensive benefits offering.

The definitive agreement to acquire ConsumerMedical is expected to be finalized in the third quarter of 2021. The financial terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed, but both companies are excited about the opportunities that combining their offerings will enable.

ConsumerMedical provides personalized health care guidance to millions of people across the United States. The company`s health care navigation platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide individuals with personalized health care decision-making support. This support includes access to expert medical opinions, help with navigating complex medical conditions and treatments, and guidance on how to make informed health care decisions.

By acquiring ConsumerMedical, Alight Solutions is taking a significant step towards realizing its vision of providing its customers with comprehensive health care guidance and support. Alight`s existing benefits offerings include health savings and spending accounts, flexible spending accounts, and other employee benefits solutions. By adding ConsumerMedical`s health care navigation platform to its portfolio, Alight will be able to provide its customers with even more personalized support and guidance in navigating the complex and often confusing world of health care.

The acquisition is expected to have a positive impact on both companies, with ConsumerMedical`s existing clients gaining access to Alight`s extensive offerings, and Alight`s customers benefiting from the addition of ConsumerMedical`s health care navigation platform. According to Chris Michalak, CEO of Alight Solutions, “acquiring ConsumerMedical fits squarely into our strategy of expanding our capabilities and technology solutions to help people make better decisions about their health and wealth.”

In summary, the acquisition of ConsumerMedical by Alight Solutions is an exciting development for both companies, with the potential to significantly improve the health care guidance and support available to millions of people across the United States. By leveraging ConsumerMedical`s health care navigation platform and combining it with its extensive benefits offerings, Alight is poised to cement its position as a leader in the human resource solutions and benefits space.

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